Holding the Space for Compassion

      compassion is a verb       


 I’m not sharing a lot of heavy duty stuff right now…..not even a whole lot of spiritual stuff….I’m finding that in this new energy, our paths are changing. It’s important not to go into overwhelm with what’s happening in our country and in the world. Sometimes the best thing we can do is say a prayer, light a candle or do whatever it is that we do and not get immersed in the hatred and negativity of it all.

I have stayed away from the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson because when Trayvon Martin was shot, it felt very personal to me, it became very consuming, as the mother of two young men myself. I found myself in too many arguments with people who absolutely could not find the compassion within themselves to see that some things are just WRONG. I don’t have the energy to engage in that kind of stuff anymore.

I’m learning that people are on their own path and there is very little we can do to influence them and so we may as well just be the example by how we live our own lives. I’m tempted to say that some people just suck and you can’t fix stupid. (But that’s really not nice, is it?) I heard yesterday about a shitty thing that happened to a friend. And I don’t know, do these people suck or are they merely lacking the gene or whatever it is that makes a person have compassion for another? I’m always especially surprised when it’s a person who has already gone through their own personal hell and they emerge with no compassion. I guess that’s what the fire does to you; it either makes you bitter and heartless or it breaks your heart open and you become an endless vessel for compassion.

I’m also finding that my spirituality is becoming more of a discipline and branching out to go further and deeper than ever before since I left my “spiritual” (I use that term loosely) communities that I spent the last 14 years involved with. Life is bringing many challenges to a lot of us right now as we are shifting paradigms and moving into the “new”. Things are still falling away if they are not on the same level that we are on. Most of us on this path knew that this time would bring great challenges, I’m not sure how well prepared we really were, but it’s all a learning experience, preparing us to move into the next phase.

And I have to say that while I am definitely an advocate of “positive thinking” there are times when it is more than appropriate to express what you’re really feeling even when it’s not so “positive”. Let us continue to come together and extend the hand of compassion to our fellow human beings. Let us be the change we wish to see. Let us embody love, courage, kindness, honesty, compassion, tolerance….let us reclaim and step back into our own personal power…..regardless of what others think of us. Don’t be afraid to shine and radiate your light. And don’t be afraid when you are attacked for the light (because it will happen) and be grateful when others are attracted to your light and they show up in your life as soul family to walk this journey with you. ~ Namaste

~ Kathy Lee 8/19/2014 

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