Just the Way You Are


world needs what you've got

I’ve been thinking a lot about that saying that says, “Let your freak flag fly” and I have shared it. But, you know, we’re not really “freaks” on this path. Maybe we’re freaks to those who believe that only the elite should succeed and they want us to shut up. We don’t cling to the paradigms that already exist, instead we are creating a new one where everyone is equal regardless of gender, sexual orientation, financial status (ect) …………. we believe that all human beings have a right to dignity and the basics of life and that life shouldn’t be a struggle just to survive for basic necessities. So if that makes us “freaks” then that is a sad statement on the condition of our society and what people deem as “normal”. We need to keep speaking up for what we believe is right. We want a clean environment, sustainable energy, equal rights for everyone. It makes me laugh that just wanting just basic things makes people call us names like pinko commie fuckbags. *laughing* Really? So to my fellow travelers on this path, you are not a freak……..what we want is more than than reasonable but not to people who need to profit from the suffering of others and the destruction of the planet. There is a better way. Keep the faith. And please, keep on speaking out. Raise awareness and above all else, don’t succumb to fear and don’t let them silence you. Now, more than any other time, it is time to be authentic and speak your truth. The world needs it.

~ Kathy Lee (original 6/2/2015)  6/2/2016 


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