Choice of Thought


There have been a few amazing teachers in my life lately ….reminding me of an important truth. These teachers have shown up in the way of internet people, clients, and friends, spirituality teachers and even a movie and a hawk!

We get to choose what we believe. We get to choose what we think. We get to choose the perspective of what’s happening in our lives.

A huge example was one that a client/friend shared with me. He had to receive a blood transfusion and it was freaking him out; just  thought of receiving someone else’s blood and the inherent risk  and also just the weirdness of it. So he changed his perspective. Coming from the Christian faith, he imagined that it was the blood of Jesus giving him new life. Once the thought about the blood was changed, he experienced perfect peace about the situation.  The situation itself didn’t change. The person was still in a medical crisis requiring the transfusion of someone else’s blood. But when the thought about the situation changed, the person’s reaction changed as well.

Abraham-Hicks says that a belief is only a thought that we keep believing. Louise Hay says that it’s only a thought and a thought can be changed.

While I do not believe that we can control everything just by the thoughts that we think, I do believe that we can control the way we feel about things by the perspective that we view them with. The message of the hawk (among other things) brings the message of viewing things with a new, higher perspective.

Too often we tell ourselves either outright lies or things we do not know to be true. We tell ourselves things about ourselves and our lives which are very negative and, most of the time, not true or just a speculation of how we think things might turn out. We can make ourselves miserable or even physically ill by what we’re choosing to think about situations.

So it may be wise to examine what you’re telling yourself about situations in your life. Examine your thoughts about things. And, perhaps, if things are not flowing the way you’d like them to, shift your perspective and try a new way of thinking about them. Try thinking with a new, more positive perspective.  You may be surprised to find that you will have a new reaction which leads to a new vibrational frequency within you which then leads to opening the way for Spirit to work in your life (instead of offering a resistant vibration) and more peace of mind for yourself.

Kathy Lee 6/10/2016





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